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The Serendipity College

Have you ever longed for a place where you can just be you? Where you can find peace, and where there someone takes the time to be there for you? A place, where you can reflect about the essence of life and your role in the bigger picture? A place, where you can learn about yourself, and rediscover your intuitive abilities? A place, where you can hone those abilities to make intuitive decisions, in both your job and personal life? A place where you can release yourself from the grip of cold logic, and allow for the broader spectrum of your feelings to come through?

The Serendipity College can be this place for you. We assist you in gaining some remarkable and practical insights about yourself that will have you looking at the world with new eyes once again. A new way of living will open itself up to you. A way that goes beyond ordinary daily life and allows you to gain a greater understanding and vision.

All this you can experience in a variety of settings. We offer private sessions, workshops and lectures all catered to your individual needs. Whatever form you prefer, it will allow you to reflect in peace and gain new knowledge about yourself so you can go back to life and work, with renewed vigour.

Strategic Intuition

Strategic Intuition is a skill which allows you to use your creativity and intuition to the fullest, and makes it easier to come up with new ideas. Usually, ideas pop up when you least expect them to. It are the moments in which you have let go of the problem, or have allowed your mind to wander, that inspiration strikes. In these moments, your brain has the freedom to think outside the box, to see new connections between existing elements. We no longer focus on one way of thinking, but allow for all our parts to come together: our knowledge, our experience and our rational and intuitive thinking. They work together in often surprising ways, and before you know it, the answer is right in front of you, seemingly out of nowhere. To allow this to happen, it is crucial to be open to original ideas, and not be bound by old patterns or the strict ways of pure reason.

This is not always an easy feat, especially for people with strong mental prowess and those who are highly educated. It takes dedication and discipline to allow your intuition to come through and use it as an extension of your intellect. This combination allows for clearer and quicker insights, both into you and in the people and situations around you; insights your rational mind would have never been able to come up with by itself.

Since birth you’ve been storing information, both consciously and subconsciously. All this information can be hard to access properly. This is where your intuition comes into play. In this huge library of information, it can effortlessly guide you to the right piece of information that’s needed in that moment. There are two important elements to this practice. First of all it is important to have a well-stocked library that you can fall back on. Secondly, and even more important, you need to have the right mind-set to be able to access this intuitive ability. We call this mind-set “Presence of Mind”. To master the Presence of Mind, you need to understand the art of letting go of the current situation, to allow the mind to move beyond and find the necessary freedom to come up with new ideas. All this is not an easy process. There are plenty of obstacles to reach a Presence of Mind. Things that work against it can be for example: too much focus, multitasking or unresolved emotions. It is only when the mind is unburdened by the past and present; that one can move freely into the future. Unresolved past difficulties might still hold you back. Constant pressure to deliver, and stress about deadlines are equally detrimental. All of these will prevent you from looking beyond anything different than present urgent matters, and severely limit your ability to access the broader spectrum of your library.

The Journey towards Strategic Intuition
The Start

During ‘The Journey towards Strategic Intuition’, Beatrijs will assist you in your personal development. She facilitates an exploration of your intuitive abilities, and provides an opportunity to develop them and a guide to how to learn to trust them. Beatrijs shows you how you can take decisions intuitively, in both professional and personal matters. Together you will find your optimal personal balance between your mind and heart that will allow you to be the truest version of yourself.

Every journey is different. Beatrijs is uniquely suited to cater that journey to your specific needs and pace. There is no one set way of working. Attention will be given to the areas that need it, at the time they need it. No destination is the same either; you can define for yourself what constitutes as a success to you, and focus on the Presence of Mind in a way that is perfectly adjusted for your circumstances.

Beatrijs will start off by helping you become aware of your current situation. What is happening? How do you really feel? How do you work best? What is your current balance between mind and heart? How do you view yourself? These kinds of questions will start guiding you to a better understanding of yourself and a sense of what is needed to allow a Presence of Mind.

Then the journey really begins. You’ll delve deeper into what it is exactly that is holding you back. Often deep emotions will arise. Beatrijs will work with you, to be able to sort out these emotions and work through them. This is an opportunity to not just give them a place, but truly transform them from obstacles to assets. She’ll especially take a close look at any limiting believes and emotional blockages. She’ll help you to no longer be burdened unnecessarily and to continue the journey with lifted spirits.

With this newfound freedom, it is time to take a moment and appreciate that stillness. It is paramount at this stage, that one keeps revisiting this place of relaxation and stillness of mind to allow the next steps of development to unfold. In this process, you will start finding out what works best for you and how you can integrate it into your daily life.

These moments of stillness are the beginning of Presence of Mind. You’ll start to discover your inner voice and the cues of your intuition. A trust will start to build, where the more you listen the more you can see the effect. Slowly this will become engrained in everything you do. It will become a way of life. You will allow your true self to take the reins more and more fuelled by the inner knowing that it naturally knows the way.

The length of this journey is entirely dependent on your personal situation and the challenges you encounter on this journey. However, from experience we can say that within 10 sessions a significant difference can be felt, and the foundation for future development will have been laid down.

The Journey towards Strategic Intuition
The next Step

Once you’ve experienced what the ‘Presence of Mind’ is and what it truly means to listen to your inner voice, you’re ready for the next steps:

Make your own personal strategy (StrategyOne)
Take part in a 2 day workshop
( StrengthenYourSelf )
Let yourself be inspired by interactive lectures

Strategy one

Guided by the proven and tested method ‘Strategy with Balls’, you can make your own personal strategy. Listening to your dreams, you can determine the course of your life, work and/or company and how to get there. This strategy will give you a sense of direction in the bigger picture of your life. It will give you something to fall back on again and again, working as a roadmap to what you want to achieve in your life.


How do you think people experience you?
How do people really experience you?
What drives you?
What inhibits you?
Are you hungry for more?
Do you take enough time for yourself?
Are you heading the right way? Or do you want to change course?

During this 2-day workshop you will work together in a select group of 4 to find the answer to these questions and many more. You will be given the time, not to just find a quick answer, but to really delve into what this means to you. Sharing your ideas in a group setting will allow for different perspective and give the possibility for new solutions to old problems as well. Often you’ll share similar problems and together you can come to unique solutions and insights you’d have had a very hard time discovering on your own.

In a playful manner, you will also encounter your limiting beliefs. Through feedback, you will discover blind spots and realize that the problems you are facing might not actually be as insurmountable as you once thought. This is not a place for heavy psychology. Instead it’s a safe place to express yourself and bounce ideas of one another. It’s a place where you can gain new perspectives, and discover new solutions, together.

This Workshop has been developed by Beatrijs Verheijen and Gerrit Bout

It’s no coincidence that Beatrijs and Gerrit are working together now. As colleagues they found themselves of like mind regarding professional and talent-based coaching. Since then, they’ve given multiple workshops together both for personal development as for team operations. Beatrijs and Gerrit complement each other nicely. Where Beatrijs is focused on the subconscious workings and uses her intuition to get to the underlying problems, Gerrit uses a practical to the point approach to get you thinking outside the box. In the workshop they come together to create a relaxed yet serious atmosphere where things can be safely expressed and investigated. They aim to make every workshop as personal as possible by taking in the particular needs of every attendant.

The workshop is offered regularly throughout the year, at the Serendipity College. On request a private workshop can be organized at a location of your choosing. Do you want to stay updated on future dates? Send an email to welcome@theserendipitycollege.nland we’ll be in touch shortly.

The Serendipity College Invites to Inspire

Throughout the year The Serendipity College organises
inspiring interactive lectures regarding intuitive development.
During these lectures you can discover how your intuition actually works
and how you can use it to your advantage.
The lectures are given at Kasteel Maurick in Vught.

Do you want to stay updated on future dates? Send an email to and we’ll be in touch shortly.

About me / Contact

Beatrijs Verheijen

In a nutshell, Beatrijs is a sensitive and empathic woman, with far-reaching and in-depth knowledge in her areas of expertise. This knowledge she has gained by her endless curiosity and her own experiences in life. She is especially gifted in connecting people and making them feel at ease and valued. She gets very passionate when she can take on the journey towards your inner self with you, and discover your dormant talents and qualities. Her nurturing touch is exactly what is needed to sprout the potential lying deep within you.

Her path started at the Catholic University of Leuven, where she studied international and monetary economics. She stayed there afterwards as an assistant to one of her professors, assisting first-year students of the economics department in their studies and their transition from high school, to higher education.

After this period in academics, Beatrijs Worked for nearly 20 years at the renowned bank “Van Lanschot Bankiers”. She worked as a portfolio manager first, using her knowledge of economics to the fullest. She combined this with building strong and trusting relationship with her clients to be able to give them the service and the attention they required. It was here were she first could practice the balance between heart and mind she so values. She went on to be the head of her department in Eindhoven and later in ‘S Hertogenbosch.

During this time as a manager, she dedicated a lot of attention to the personal growth of her team and guided them both on a professional level as a personal level. Doing this she more and more found herself drawn to this part of the job and aspired to work with these capabilities of her even more.

Since that moment she has dedicated herself to intensive training and development of her intuitive abilities and attended numerous courses at the renowned Arthur Findlay College. This directly led to the founding of The Serendipity College in 2016.

Mobile number : 0031 6 151 777 93
The Serendipity College, Beeckendael 2, 5221 PK ’s-Hertogenbosch
BTW: NL002438364B77




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Strategic Intuition
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