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The Serendipity College

Have you ever longed for a place where you can find yourself, secluded from the daily rush of life?

A place where you can reflect about the things closest to your heart? A place where you can explore your true self, and connect with your deepest wishes? A place where you can envision your part to play in our society, guided by your natural intuitive capabilities? Than The Serendipity College is the place for you! We offer you a chance to discover more about yourself than you ever expected. Surpassing expectations, we give you insights into yourself and the world around you, that are not only unexpected and valuable, but useful in your daily life as well.

We offer this in the forms of personal coaching, training and lectures. Each one focused on giving you a moment to take a step back from your current situation and give you the inspiration and reinvigoration needed.


We, at the Serendipity College, guide you through the development of your true self. We focus on finding the exact balance between mind and heart, intellect and emotion, work and life. We show you a way, to make business decisions based not only on facts and figures, but to include your intuition, and so allow you to prosper, together with all the people around you.

For this to work, we need to delve into your natural abilities, reaching further than the rational mind. Going beyond, to sense not only your own gifts, but of everyone around you. Building on what is strongest, our inborn skills ready to bloom, we can accomplish more than you might have ever thought. We will develop a strategy, together, to guide you along this path of discovery and unfoldment and make this journey completely tailored to your own wishes.

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training persoonlijke ontwikkeling

Personal Development
Empower Yourself: Take a moment to yourself, for yourself.

By consciously taking a moment to evaluate your life, we give you a renewed sense of vision. We map out your skills and qualities, but also your pitfalls and impeding view about yourself, and others. So you can be stronger and more confident as a person. You will learn to accept yourself, and extend the courtesy to others as well. In short, we work with you to give you the chance to do more of what you love, and to enjoy it!

training persoonlijke ontwikkeling
Emotional growth
The Round Table of your Heart

Come home to yourself, start to trust yourself, be the support you long for. Allow your emotions to be as they are, informing you, as well as guiding you along the way. We focus on relearning to be kind to ourselves, to allow ourselves to stumble without judging, and pick ourselves back up with head held high. During these meditations sessions filled with reflection, visualization and sharing with likeminded, you will find a deep sense of fulfillment and be more resilient to the happenings of life.

training persoonlijke ontwikkeling
Intuitive exploration
Discover your hidden gift, open your consciousness and reconnect with your intuition. During our ‘Awareness’ course we will zoom in on the subtle language of intuition and energy. This will both give you some insights into yourself and allow you to build the trust you need to follow your intuition. Be inspired by a world of possibilities that opens to you, if you only have the courage to listen. Want to hear more? Mail me at:

About Beatrijs

After a successful career as Private Banker and Portfolio Manager at one of the most exclusive banks in Belgium and the Netherlands, Beatrijs decided she wanted to use her talents in a more meaningful way. She then chose the path of Coach for Personal Leadership, where she could use her skills of coaching and advising people to the fullest.

Today she is a trusted counsellor and coach of many, which she guides through the difficulties of their personal and spiritual development. Authenticity, intuition and living from the heart are her core values, but they are also her way to live a happy and rewarding life. From her extensive experience as a manager, and her desire to stimulate people to be the best they can be, she is especially inspired by helping people develop their intuitive skills in a heartfelt and nurturing way. She is a great example of the possibilities that brings, having attended countless courses at the Arthur Findlay College to master her intuitive and mediumistic abilities.


Mobile phone: +31 6151 777 93

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